Summer: A New Student Debt Tool for Members

tool to help manage student loans illustration

AaNA union members now have access to a new benefit. Meet Summer, an online resource to help you manage your student loans.

Through a partnership with our national union, AFT, Summer uses technology to help you navigate the student loan repayment process.

Using Summer’s online student loan management platform, AaNA union members who enroll in this free member benefit can:

  • Enroll in income-driven repayment plans and manage annual income recertification
  • Complete the Public Service Loan Forgiveness employment certification form and manage the certification and application process
  • Find other options for loan forgiveness programs, including state- and occupation-based loan forgiveness, and get assistance in applying for them
  • Talk through options with Summer’s borrower success team so you can understand how to best maximize your loan repayment and forgiveness options

Thousands of AFT members have already joined Summer, reducing their monthly payments by hundreds of dollars a month and saving tens of thousands over the life of their loans!

Are you ready to get your student loans under control today? Summer’s got your back! Enroll for free today: