Providence Ratification Vote Details

Ratification Vote & Member Members

This week, two very important things are happening:

  1. We are holding informational sessions for AaNA nurses to learn all about our tentative agreement (Tuesday through Friday). Our contract negotiations were complex and extensive. The best way to be fully informed about the changes is by attending an informational session so you receive all the details. You’ll have the option of attending in-person or online via Zoom.

    Click here to view in-person meeting times & RSVP

    Click here to view online meeting times & RSVP
  2. Our contract ratification vote will take place online from Tuesday, April 30 through Saturday, May 4. We will be using the ElectionBuddy secure online voting platform.

    You will receive a unique, individual email invitation to cast your ballot anonymously. Your invitation will be sent to the personal email address we have on file for you. If you have questions or need to update your contact information, please email

View our Tentative Agreement Online

The details of our tentative agreement are now available to review online! You can check out our easy-to-read 3-page summary or view the agreement in its entirety (including wage scales). These documents will be available for you to review at our informational sessions as well, and bargaining team members and staff will be on hand to answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the contract ratification vote?
The contract ratification vote is the process that allows union members to democratically determine whether to accept the tentative agreement reached by our union’s bargaining team and management. Although the contract is negotiated by our union bargaining team, members are the ultimate decision-makers.

Why is it important to participate?
In addition to exercising your democratic voting rights and being able to learn about the new agreement in detail, strong participation is critical because the hospital will pay close attention to this vote. When a strong majority of nurses vote to ratify the contract, PAMC will know that union members are willing to protect and enforce the rights and benefits guaranteed under the contract.

Who is eligible to vote?
Only full members of our union are allowed to vote on ratification. If you’d like to become a member and participate in the ratification vote, you can join in-person at one of our informational sessions or by filling out this membership form and returning it to

What happens if the result of the vote is No (not to ratify the contract)?
If a majority of voters vote ‘no’, the tentative agreement would not be approved as a new contract. We would then return to negotiations and would attempt to reproduce and improve upon the terms we won with this tentative agreement; however, the likelihood of reaching a better deal is unlikely without significant member mobilization, such as a strike.

What happens if the result of the vote is Yes (to ratify the contract)?
If a majority of those voting accept the tentative agreement, the new contract would take effect upon the conclusion of the ratification vote. Wage increases would take place the second full pay period following ratification.

What does our bargaining team recommend?
Our bargaining team strongly recommends a “YES!” vote to ratify this tentative agreement. With historic wage increases, several crucial elements to address staffing and breaks, and major improvements to education benefits and paid leave, our new tentative agreement is the strongest contract nurses at PAMC have ever won!