3 nurses standing together

We’re stronger together.

We’re stronger together.

About the AaNA Union

Our labor program, founded in 1974, allows nurses to join together and speak with a powerful, collective voice at their workplace. AaNA union nurses enjoy all of the same benefits of belonging to AaNA as professional association members, with the addition of having the advantage of a union at their workplace. Working together, we improve our patients’ lives and our working conditions. Through our union, we have the power to advocate for safe working environments, stand up for safe patient care, and negotiate fair wages and benefits.

AaNA currently represents 1,500 nurses at three workplaces across the state of Alaska: Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage, PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center in Ketchikan, and Central Peninsula Hospital and Heritage Place in Soldotna. We refer to these groups of unionized nurses as our bargaining units. Each AaNA bargaining unit has its own governing body and collective bargaining agreement, commonly referred to as ‘union contract’. Collectively, the union is overseen by the Labor Council, AaNA’s statewide, elected union governing body. Nationally, all AaNA union members are also members of AFT Nurses and Health Professionals, the second-largest nurses union in the AFL-CIO.

Form a Union with AaNA

Organizing a union in your workplace is about engaging your coworkers and using your collective power to create a fair and democratic workplace and gain a real voice in your working conditions and patient care.

AaNA union members benefit from a strong united voice to bargain for better wages and benefits, address workplace issues and concerns, as well as advocate for safe working environments and high-quality patient care.

AaNA works with non-unionized nurses and health professionals in Alaska who want to organize a union in their workplace. Interested in forming a union? Contact AaNA today. Fill out the confidential form below to get in touch with an AaNA organizer who will answer your questions and guide you through the process of forming a union with your coworkers.

AaNA Bargaining Units

Click on your bargaining unit below to view your union contract, get in touch with a grievance officer, and get the latest news about your union: