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Our members come first.

Our members come first.

Why Choose AaNA

We know you have options when it comes to professional organizations. Here at the Alaska Nurses Association (AaNA), we put our members first. Why? Because your issues are our issues. We are member-driven, member-run, and member supported. Our top priority is elevating your voice to bring the best workplace environment and care to our members.

We put your needs first. Our goal is to address your most pressing concerns by elevating your voice. We understand nursing is a tough, often under-appreciated profession. AaNA aims to collectively address issues so our members have access to:

  • Safety in the workplace
  • Improved work-life and better care for our patients
  • A collective, supportive voice
  • Professional development opportunities
  • A connection to other nurses across Alaska

Our community gives you the tools and connections you need to elevate your nursing career.

Member Types

As a professional association and labor union, the Alaska Nurses Association provides two membership types for Alaskan nurses.

Association Membership

Association membership is available to all students and nurses in Alaska who are not covered by an AaNA collective bargaining agreement in their workplace. Association members can choose between a professional membership option and associate membership option.

Professional membership is the top choice of nurses who value AaNA’s commitment to advocate for nurses and patients throughout Alaska. We welcome all RNs, LPNs, and APRNs licensed in Alaska who are not covered by an AaNA collective bargaining agreement to join AaNA as a professional member. Professional membership provides you with all the privileges of association membership including the right to vote, hold office, and chair a committee.

Associate membership is our most basic and affordable level of membership. This membership option is available to all RNs, LPNs, and APRNs licensed in Alaska who are not covered by an AaNA collective bargaining agreement. Additionally, we welcome Alaskan nursing students and retired nurses to join AaNA as an associate member. Associate membership provides you with the benefits of association membership, except for the right to vote, hold, office, and chair a committee.

Association Membership Benefits

As an Association member of our organization, we offer an array of benefits at your fingertips. Each of our initiatives elevates your voice, addresses your needs, and builds up the nursing community in Alaska. As a member, you gain exclusive access to an array of amazing resources including:

  • Continuing education opportunities, both online and in-person
  • Our incredible quarterly publication, The Alaska Nurse Magazine.
  • Exclusive discounts or free access to events, such as our annual conference, nurses week celebrations, and more.
  • Support and mentorship from fellow members for your nursing career.
  • The chance to participate in one of our committees dedicated to enhancing the nursing profession and healthcare for all Alaskans.

Union Membership

Union membership is available to nurses covered by an AaNA collective bargaining agreement at Providence Alaska Medical Center, Central Peninsula Hospital and Heritage Place, or PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center.

Union membership provides you with all the privileges of membership including the right to vote, hold office, and chair a committee. In addition to the power of belonging to a union, AaNA union members have access to all of our association programs and benefits through an included association membership. Union members also gain membership with our national union AFT, and receive the privilege of AFT member benefits as well as those provided by AaNA.

Union Membership Benefits

AaNA union members gain the benefit of a powerful, collective voice at your workplace. Together, we bargain for better wages and benefits, address workplace issues and concerns, and advocate for safe working environments and high-quality patient care. Union members agree that joining AaNA is the best investment you can make to improve our lives at work and lift up our community. 

In addition to your association member benefits, you also have access to:

  • Improved wages and better benefits
  • Assistance with workplace concerns and issues by expertly-trained grievance officers in your workplace
  • Fair and equitable treatment at work through your union contract
  • Union leadership training opportunities to build our power and elevate your voice
  • Automatic membership in AFT Nurses and Health Professionals, our national union 

AaNA union members also have exclusive access to additional member benefits through AFT, including:

  • Assistance navigating your student loan repayment options
  • Free legal consultations and discounted services, as well as free consumer credit counseling and budget advice  
  • Major savings at your favorite places to shop
  • The Union Plus free college benefit for union families
  • Discounts on mortgages, wireless service, insurance, travel, and more!

Together our voice is strong. We are member-driven, member-run, and member-focused.

Which membership is right for you?

Have questions on which membership is right for you or want to check your current membership status? Reach out to us, we’re here to help!

Get Involved

The key to a member-run organization is you. Without you, we wouldn’t exist. Got a passion? Want to learn more? Become a part of the Alaska Nurses Association and get involved with one of our committees and bring your voice to our organization.

Legislative Committee

Our legislative committee advocates for nurses, the nursing profession and our patients. We work to monitor and propose legislation at a state level to elevate and protect the profession of nursing by providing a foundation for nurses to lobby on healthcare issues. Our committee educates and trains nurses to become powerful, engaged political leaders in our community. We meet during our legislative sessions every other week from January through May.

Professional Practice Committee

Our Professional Practice committee advocates for nurses’ workplace and practice interests at the Alaska Board of Nursing. Our goal is to promote policies that allow nurses to practice at the full extent of their education, training, and capability so you can take your nursing career further. We are committed to the continued quality and high standards for nursing practice. The Professional Practice Committee meets on an as-needed basis to support other committee initiatives or work on practice issues.

Editorial Committee

Have a passion for penmanship? Our quarterly magazine, The Alaska Nurse, not only gives our community up-to-date info on pressing issues, but it also provides a continuing education opportunity. Help us plan and write articles for The Alaska Nurse and dip your feet into the wonderful world of journalism. Your commitment level is up to you. Reach out today to learn more about how to get involved.

Health and Safety Taskforce

When nurses have safe workplaces, our patients get better care. Our advocacy work revolves around issues such as workplace violence and safe patient handling to improve the health and safety of both nurses and patients.  We believe nurses’ working conditions are patients’ healing conditions. We meet once a month to discuss pertinent health and safety issues.