Providence Registered Nurses Bargaining Update #4

It’s Time for Action

It’s Time for PAMC to Invest in Nurses

Our Providence Registered Nurses (PRN) bargaining team met with PAMC management last week for our seventh and eighth negotiation sessions.

Discussions largely focused on outstanding non-economic issues, as well as two demands to bargain we filed. We made big strides and were able to reach tentative agreements on several articles. This progress was the result of hundreds of AaNA nurses taking collective action for a strong contract!

This means that the next time we meet with management, we’ll be focusing on the issues that matter most to you — safe staffing levels and a fair compensation package. Our team believes both components are vital to ensuring PAMC can recruit and retain the skilled nurses our community needs to stay healthy and safe.

Nurse Solidarity Makes a Difference

The commitment AaNA nurses have to each other has grown more and more palpable lately. Members have stepped up to the plate, getting involved and working together to fight for the contract we deserve.

Our locker flyers action had strong participation (despite management illegally removing flyers in several units).

-Stickers proclaiming “Safe Staffing = Safe Patient Care” were visible across the hospital during bargaining last week.

-Nurses attended negotiations to tell management about their experiences with unsafe staffing. Their stories were deeply moving and impactful. Many more nurses attended bargaining as observers.

-We had record-breaking attendance at our bargaining debrief meeting — another sign that AaNA nurses are engaged and ready to demonstrate our solidarity.

AaNA members observing negotiations pose for a photo with our bargaining team

Non-Economic Agreements Reached

We reached tentative agreements on four contracts articles and a new letter of agreement.

Article 3 – Definitions. We made some clarifications here, including better defining the role of preceptor and simplifying language regarding registry work requirements.

Article 5 – Seniority & Layoff. This article had some housekeeping updates, such as deleting the now-sunset language on clinical nurse educators and unit position postings.

Article 6 – Hours of Work & Overtime. Language was updated to reflect current timekeeping practices and the move to standard 8-week schedule periods.

Article 9 – Paid Time Off. The timeframe for non-prime time PTO requests has been extended to 6 months, and nurses will be notified of approval/denial within 30 days of submitting a request.  

Letter of Agreement – Meal and Rest Break Procedures. This LOA expands the scope of the Break Steering Committee and boosts data collection related to meal and rest breaks. The plan includes modifying Kronos to capture whether nurses receive each rest break in addition to their meal breaks. Having this documentation will allow us to address issues and improve nurses’ access to meal and rest breaks.

Demands to Bargain

Our sessions also addressed two demands to bargain we recently filed. One dealt with the workflow for recovery of after-hours Cath Lab cases by PACU nurses. The second was over management’s attempt at unilaterally increasing Mental Health Unit staffing ratios to 1:12 using a “team-based” model.

Nurses representing both MHU and PACU attended to provide commentary. Due to our actions, PACU nurses have gained a voice in the planning process, and the MHU staffing changes have been suspended indefinitely.

Next Sessions to Focus on BIG Issues

When our team returns to the table at the end of March, the focus will be on economics and staffing — the priorities that matter most to AaNA nurses.

Our team will be offering thoughtful proposals aimed at improving our working conditions and providing a competitive compensation package to help PAMC recruit and retain nurses so we can provide the care our patients deserve.

Our next bargaining sessions will take place on March 28 & 29. Members are invited to attend negotiations from 12:30 to 14:00 on March 28. Click here to sign-up as an observer.

It’s Time for Action

We must take further action in order to win the contract we deserve. This is ‘all hands on deck’ time. Having the support of an active membership is what enables our team to push for victories.

As we ramp up our campaign over the next couple weeks, Contract Action Team (CAT) members and Unit Contacts (UC) will be communicating with nurses on their units about our next steps.

If you don’t know who the UC/CAT folks are on your unit, or you’d like to step up and join the team, reach out to AaNA organizer Zach Christy at

Together, we can get a strong contract. But it’s going to take every one of us doing our part.

In solidarity,

Your PRN-AaNA Bargaining Team
Terra Colegrove
Jane Erickson
Jennifer Hazen
Jessy Hilliard
Joey Peacott
Stacey Sever
Caitlin Smiley

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